Scoop Coater

Made in the USA with high standard material and specially designed with 2 different coating edges. Allows more versatility and control of stencil thickness

$2.25 for set of 2 ends

$1.50/ inch

Silk Screen Remesh Program

Sunbelt Mfg. Co. remeshes silk screen frames. Call 1-800-333-8412 and get a quote today. We can get you great rates on shipping.

Stretcher Bars Wholesale

Stretcher bars are used to stretch canvas or other fabrics to the desired size. Easy to assemble, 1 ⅝" wide, kiln dried pine, available from 8" to 60". Call for bulk rates 1-800-333-8412

Finish S1 Red Blockout

Our most popular and economical blockout.

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$27.50/ gallon

Grafic DS2

Liquid emulsion for producing screen printing stencils.

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$48.00/ gallon

Direct Prep 2

Ready to use wetting agent and degreaser. Available in 1, 5 and 50 gallon containers

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$25.95/ gsllon

Camie 380 Screen Printer's Adhesive

Specifically designed as a pressure-sensitive pallet adhesive that does not stain.

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$4.95/ can, $56.50/ case

Camie 480 Screen Opener

Camie 480 Screen Opener works to unclog screens and loosen plastisol inks on screens.

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$4.95/ can, $55.00/ case

Camie 375 Mist Spray

Holds most textile products, including fleece garments and is a clear mist spray particularly suited for the rapid heat cycles encountered in the flash cure process.

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$5.95/ can, $59.00/ case

Aluminum Squeegee

60, 70 or 80 durometer. Just $1.99 per inch

Sunbelt Mfg. Screen Printing Supplies and Other Products


Wood handles polyurethane sealed. Sizes made to your specific need. We carry 60, 70 and 80 durometer blade.

$1.32/ inch

$ .79/ inch blade only

Rutland Claira EL9073 NPT SF-1

Rutland Claira Ultra Soft White Ink exhibits a brilliant whiteness, so whaite it almost glows. Low bleed, soft and easy to print. Excellent opacity, good flash times.

$58.85/ gallon

Textil PV

Pure photopolymer, no mixing required, very fast exposing, wide exposure latitude. 42 - 44% solid content, highly effective, works on all mesh and works in minutes.

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Kwik Frame Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Superior bonding strength that works great for pen finishing and woodworking.

$24.95/ 16 oz. bottle $12.50/ 12 oz. can activator

1-800-333-8412 or 903-759-5913

101 S. Pine St., Gladewater, Texas 75647

1.5" Jumbo Stretcher Bars

Union Inks

Sunbelt proudly carries Union Inks. Please call for more information 1-800-333-8412. Learn more

Remove ER1 Emulsion Remover

Removes screen printing  stencils from fabric. Will make over 21 gallons.

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2" Deep Cradled Panel

2" Cradled Birch panel in any size you need. Most sizes just .045 cents per square inch. That means a 16x20 panel is just $14.40. Call 1-800-333-8412 to place your order.

Masonite Hardboard

⅛" masonite hardboard

Size       List Price    Your Price

6x6         $1.25      $.60

8x8         $1.50      $.85

9x12       $2.10      $1.00

12x12     $2.25      $1.25

11x14     $3.10      $1.49

14x18     $4.10      $1.85

16x20     $4.80      $2.49

18x24     $6.25      $2.85

20x24     $6.95      $3.15

24x30     $9.95      $4.59

Texchem Emulsion Remover

Removes all stencil types. Fast acting, effective and economical, works in minutes and odor-free and biodegradable.

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$32.25/ gallon